You're an Aries

literally you’re every sign

This is the second part of my “You’re a…” series where I extract more meaning for each sign by interpreting the ways in which all signs of the zodiac inform each other. This has roots in traditional astrology, where turning the chart was practiced to find information about other people based on one individual timed chart. It also shows up in horary astrology (the astrology of questions), too. The birth chart shows everyone, not just you, and you are the sum of many parts!


This is what I can remember from the Aries mythology: There’s a God in a toga. His brother is in trouble and stuck on the other side of what I believe is a river. There’s a broken bridge. This God transforms into a ram so that he can carry his brother back over the river. The ram is also gold, and is called Aries. This vague memory of mythology is why I delineate Aries as “rooting for the underdog”. I wrote more about Aries authors for Lithub a few years ago.

Aries is the sign of the individual, the hero in the hero’s journey. It’s the first sign of the zodiac. It’s a cardinal sign, so it’s the first sign of a season (spring). Not only does it initiate, but it is the first to initiate. Being the first in zodiacal order, Aries is the leader. 

It’s a fire sign, so it concerns willpower. Plus, it’s ruled by Mars, the planet of action, war, and severance. Aries is a sign of the individual will. In astrology, the planetary body that describes the soul, the ego, and the individual is the sun, which is exalted in Aries. Aries in any chart will tell about how the “will to power” is exercised.

I joined my mentor, friend, and colleague astrologer Annabel Gat on her podcast to further discuss how each sign is an Aries! She was the one who introduced me to this technique, which she used to write her book on astrology in relationships. On the episode coming out this week we interpreted how every sign expresses their Aries side, as well as how we think this weekend’s full moon will manifest for each sign. I wrote a preview of what we talked about below:


This is self explanatory: Aries, is an Aries. They are so ready to jump on whatever is directly in front of them. There’s probably a head injury at some point in their life. It’s exciting to be first, so competition is not unappealing. Saying no is a turn on. What’s it like being the best and shamelessly looking out for yourself? Go Aries.

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Taurus loves love, but can strongly stand alone. There is something powerful about staying in bed and refusing to get out. And it’s the same, self-reliant secret that empowers Taurus to wake up at 5 AM and start their day before anyone else can sway the daily itinerary. When Taurus is alone, they know they can do whatever they want.


Gemini wants it to be so that everyone talks about them when they’re not around. They like to be someone recognized as a figurehead in their community. They are brave when it comes to initiating friendships or starting clubs. They don’t care about having mismatched friend circles, because they are the one keystone that can bring them all together (or tear them apart!).


As a zodiac sign Cancer is actually such a showoff. They don’t necessarily rely on the validation of others, but rather must always break their own personal records when it comes to the career ladder. They do this so they can pull everyone else up with them— everyone will be fed. They definitely have a drive to live up to the expectations that their parents have for them.


If anyone believes in themselves, it’s Leo. While Leo is a stubborn fixed sign, they have a strong determination to learn more and can choose to be very forgiving if they’re ever proved wrong. They’re excited to debate, but it comes from a willingness to learn, and not from a need to attack people’s ideas (although the claws can come out).


Virgo respects other people’s privacy and knows when to say, “it’s none of my business!” They can have an aversion to asking for help, not only because they understand they can do a better job (at least that’s what they think), but because they see other people as having it fully under control on their own, so why not try to also be self-reliant? In reality, Virgos are protected by heroes who would swoop in and save them if they were ever in danger.


For Libra, their relationships are a key element of their identity. The gaze of others provides a will and a strength that Libras often have trouble finding in themselves. If anything can motivate a Libra, it’s their lovers (and haters, too). A Libra is more cooperative than competitive, but they will definitely go to battle over their partners. Aries watches, and Libra watches themselves being watched.


Leave it to a Scorpio to find all of the hours in a day to do what they need to get done. Scorpio forges a strong sense of self in their routine. Things like waking up at the same time every day, being of service to others, having a daily cup of coffee, all bring them a sense of control and individual purpose.


It’s no secret that Sagittarius is one of the most open, flirtatious, and fun signs of the zodiac. They are the life of the party, and feel a sense of importance through their friendships, their hookups, and maybe eventually, their children. Even if they never cultivate their talents, they have a bravery that makes it possible to make something beautiful on the first try.


Capricorn is about longevity and stability, and their private life is part of this stability. Their family structure is a critical piece of their identity. They will go uphill, battle endlessly, to make sure that they have something that honors their base. The sea goat makes it to the top of the mountain, but it’s where they originate that tells who they really are.


Aquarius knows when to end a conversation, but they’re also not afraid to start them. They love playing devil’s advocate. Reading, writing, discussion, are all ways in which Aquarius forms their sense of individuality, which is often rooted in the collective or political. They find their strength and heroism through their skill sets and fraternity. They know that they are defined by their connections.


I have never considered Pisces a materialistic sign until now. A large part of their ego hangs on not only what they have, but what they have to share and give to others. They are generous, but they also go on the hunt for things to be a dependable provider. They get a lot of motivation from being someone that can support not only themselves, but people who need it.