You're a Taurus

literally you're every sign

This is a part of my series on how every sign appears in every chart. So far I’ve written Pisces through (now) Taurus, and I write them once per month as the sun moves through the zodiac.

It doesn’t matter what house system you use, the entire zodiac lives in every chart. This is also an exercise in something called derivative houses. This is a technique that can be traced back to antiquity, where one chart is used to find events in multiple people’s lives. 

None of us are truly isolated. Other people show up in other people’s charts. Not to get on my high horse, but Astrology is just another practice that has been consumed by marketable  individualism and self-importance. There’s a healthy way to be self-centered, without losing perspective. I think the best thing for self-esteem is to remember that you’re part of something bigger than yourself. Astrology, religion, family, and community can all remind us of a collective humanity that defines who we are. 

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. It is the middle of spring. Fixed signs are “stubborn” because they represent something unwavering, like temperatures. Fixed signs are the sturdiest of the modalities. Earth signs are all dealing with the material plane. Money, art, clothes: Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Taurus is an artistic sign, or has a good grasp in things that are physical. It’s the sign of the moon’s exaltation, and the moon is also a planet concerning money, food, and collections. Taurus stereotypes always gear towards expensive and pretty things, or eating the same thing for lunch every day. Taurus corresponds with the throat so it’s a vocal sign. It reminds me of singing and smoking.

How does Taurus show up for your sun and rising sign? Maybe even moon if that’s your luminary of sect (born during day or night).


Taurus you are a Taurus. You’re built to last. Can you believe that a man named The Rock is a Taurus, because I can. Whenever I elected my first wedding, I did extensive research and studying on elections, and chose to put Taurus as the rising sign. Taurus is like a perfect old piece of furniture that’s passed down for generations and never goes out of style because it’s so classic. You probably always get the same flavor ice cream every time.


Because of the general stupidity of the masses, Geminis get a bad reputation for being two-faced, starting drama, or whatever else gets the most likes on a thirteen year old girl’s astrology meme page. Nobody knows how chill and down to earth Geminis are. There is a hidden side that is so grounded and fixed. When the mask comes off, they’re really like a Taurus.


A friend of a Cancer is a friend for life. Not only do water signs have this ability to pick up where they left off with friends that they haven’t seen in ages, but the loyalty that Cancer has to their community and network is immense! It could move mountains. The random person Cancer sat next to one time at a drink and draw? That’s a forever friend.


Taurus is the fixed sign of spring, Leo is the fixed sign of summer. There is something lasting about the beauty that Leo wants to impart on this world. Leo wants recognition, they want to provide for everyone, but above all they want to look good while they’re doing it. The bad photo you took of them is deleted and the deleted files are cleared out before you even get the chance to share it.


Like Taurus, Virgo is also an earth sign. Taurus overlooks Virgo’s 9th house of travel, higher learning, and beliefs. Virgo is constantly seeking out information and processing it. They have a lot of strength and grace in their philosophy. They are able to share their ideas in a stylish and strong way. Once they have a grip on something, Virgo is unwavering in debate, hard headed like a Taurus.


Taurus is the feminine sign ruled by Venus, and Libra is the masculine. Libra’s Taurus side comes out when it comes to shared resources. Libra can make lasting agreements, especially when it comes to a financial deal. There isn’t a Libra on this earth that doesn’t love a good gift, too. Give a Libra a present and they’ll feel like you share a bond.


Scorpio is Taurus’s opposite sign. Scorpio is like a Taurus when it comes to relationships. Once Scorpios and Scorpio risings decide on a partner, it’s really hard for them to end things. Or maybe they’re just too lazy to be inconvenienced by a breakup, even if the relationship isn’t exactly perfect. They’re here for both a good time and a long time.


Sagittarius can stick to a routine especially if it’s cute and a little indulgent. Taurus describes how Sagittarius experiences work and lifestyle, which makes sense. Sagittarius lives for opulence and joy, and sees no harm in having some of it every day. To the outside observer, they are chaotic, but those who are keen know that Sag sticks to the program. 


Capricorn is an earth sign like Taurus. Capricorns have a reputation for their sensuality and indulgent sex and social life. They “work hard and play harder” and like to reward themselves for their sacrifices. Taurus represents how Capricorn experiences pleasure and fun, and there’s nary a zodiac sign that embodies pleasure like Taurus. Art, dating, and close friendships are how Capricorn lets off steam.


Aquarius is the fixed sign of tropical winter, Taurus tropical spring. Aquarius boasts an intellectual and rebellious image, but deep down they are dying for something vanilla. In their private time, when no one is looking, in the dead of night, they indulge in things so beyond embarrassingly basic that even they cannot justify it with a galaxy brained take. Aquarius and their hidden guilty pleasures.


The way that Pisces is a neighborhood fixture. Their colleagues and the people they ride the bus with, the faces that they see at the laundromat— Pisces likes it when they’re consistent and reliable. Pisces has beautiful siblings. Pisces is hungry for poetry. Pisces can communicate their trippy, far-out ideas in a practical, matter of fact manner.


Aries loves nice, fancy, expensive things. It’s not a status symbol, but a matter of comfort. Feeling like they have enough for themselves to not only sustain but to enjoy is necessary. It might surprise you how many luxury items an Aries could own. It’s not selfish. They love to share their nice things with their friends, and to be in a position where they can spoil someone.