You're a Pisces

you might think that you're not, but you are

Pisces season is beginning as the sun moves into Pisces at 11:43 AM CET on Thursday, February 18. I expect spring temperatures, fog, and rain. Pisces is the final zodiac sign of the 12. It is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and protection. Modern astrology gives Pisces Neptune, the planet of photography and fantasy, too. Both of these planets have come to be related to substances/drugs/alcohol/belief. Leave it to Pisces to put vaseline on the lens.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. Mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces) are the final signs of a tropical season (Spring, Summer, etc.), so they are when temperatures are changing, unpredictable. Mutable signs correspond with changes that need to be made in order to prepare for something new to be initiated with the new tropical season. Water signs are connected to the emotional and psychic worlds. Some key words for Pisces are healing, transcendence, and beliefs.

If you’ve just learned how to look at a birth chart you’ll see that there are some houses (or divisions) of the chart that have planets, angles, and other special degrees inside of it, and some that don’t. This might lead you to believe that there is nothing in that house, nothing in that sign. I’ve heard people say, “I have nothing in Pisces.” That’s not a reason to ignore that part of your chart. The sign itself is there, though, and the planet that rules that sign is always there as well. A chart is made up of all 12 zodiac signs. Every person has every sign in their chart. If someone asks what’s your sign, maybe the right thing to say is, “all of them”. 

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Not every piece of your chart is necessarily you as an individual. I think that we hang too much of our identity on the individual. Identity isn’t formed in a controlled space. We are a product of our environment. The birth chart reveals not just you as the main character of your life, but also all of the other factors in your life that shape you. Back in the day maybe there was one timed chart for an individual, and astrologers would use that one timed chart in order to get more information about an individual’s parents, grandparents, brothers, and enemies. You are not the only person that shows up in your birth chart because we do not exist alone, as much as we might like to act like we do.

So I have used my interpretation of each sun or rising sign’s Pisces house (a house is a subdivision of a chart) to provide more insight.


Pisces sun/rising

Pisces is your sign! It’s the part of your chart that overlooks your 1st house of self. It defines your physical attributes and your immediate surroundings. Pisces season puts you and your needs front and center, after some time of feeling like things were out of your reach. There is a selfless kindness and forgiveness to Pisces. This can attract partners who don’t understand “boundaries”, or it can just be interpreted as mixed signals. Be careful of people projecting onto you as you remember who you are, which is defined by your beliefs and your connection to something greater— not by some passing fad.

Aries Sun/Rising

Pisces is the sign that overlooks your 12th house of rehabilitation, self-undoing, and solitude. Pisces season is a time where you are recharging, tying up loose ends. The transits of Pisces season find you not ready to leave the house just yet, and in need of some alone time. While you might have the personality of a jock, there is a sensitive side to you that not many people get to see. It only comes out when you’re by yourself. When you are alone you explore other dimensions. Even if you are atheist, or a skeptic you find it easy to pray to a higher power in tremendous situations.

Taurus Sun/Rising

Pisces is the sign that overlooks your 11th house of friendships, community, and hopes and dreams. Pisces season is a time for you to do some outreach— to realign with the things that you hope for, and to call up the people who can make it happen. Your friendships are a source of endless inspiration, hope, and protection. You can be subjected to peer pressure. You would do anything to help the team, and might need to be careful that you’re not being a pushover or a doormat. It’s possible that the golden rule of “treat others the way you’d like to be treated” has led to questionable decisions, but at least you can have faith that you’re well liked.

Gemini Sun/Rising

Pisces is the sign overlooking your 10th house of career, public reputation, and legacy. Pisces season is a time for you to take a step back from the easel and look at your work from afar. With the sun moving through this house starting February 18, you’re getting attention from authorities for your achievements. While Gemini is a detail-oriented sign, you also access a bird’s eye perspective on why the little things matter, and how they add up. It can be hard these days to figure out exactly what you want to be known for, and it’s likely that people are mystified by all of the different hats you wear. Jack of all trades, master of none, but many skills are better than one? Is that how that goes?

Cancer sun/rising

Pisces is the sign overlooking your 9th house of beliefs, higher education, and faraway travel. Pisces season is a time for you to connect to your mission statement. All Cancers are sensitive to their spirituality in some way, it’s never an apathetic topic, but what is? You have a wide range of interests and are never tired of learning more and asking questions. While you might not be above turning defensive when your beliefs are challenged, confrontation definitely doesn’t stop you from exploring things further, and finding a gem of information that protects, or expands upon, your current understanding of the world.

Leo sun/rising

Pisces is the sign that overlooks your 8th house of shared resources, taxes, and transformation. It’s a psychic and intimate, but also financial place in the chart. Pisces season is a sensitive time where you are looking at a ledger trying to see how the score is settled. This is also a time where you can decide to cut people off, or make major changes. Leo is one of the most generous signs of the zodiac. It’s ruled by the sun, the reason why we are alive. Pisces is also very generous. Not only is being a provider part of your identity, but sharing and generosity is something that you believe in. It can easily be a way that you connect to something greater.

Virgo sun/rising

Pisces is the sign that overlooks your 7th house of relationships. These are the relationships that are committed, but not necessarily romantic. It can even describe “open enemies” or obvious haters. Pisces season is a time where you are paying more attention to other people and getting a better look at what your interpersonal commitments look like. Relationships are hard to define, even though Virgo is a sign that works tirelessly to classify things. Something as spiritual and sacred as a true bond is slippery and often times exceeds language. You believe in other people, but you’ve probably been asking “so what are we?” and since 2012, when Neptune first entered Pisces, declaring relationships a nebulous zone.

Libra sun/rising

Pisces is the sign that overlooks your 6th house of work, health, and routine. This has to do with your lifestyle, your day job, your chores. The 6th house gets a bad rep for being boring, but there are few things more spiritually empowered than a good ritual. A daily prayer or meditation ritual can be easily adopted into your hazy, lazy, forever flexible schedule. During Pisces season you’re going to be looking more at your daily commitments. It’s hard to work a job that you don’t believe in, but volunteering actually does not count as a real job. There are ways to incorporate your strong beliefs and penchant for doing right into literally any job that you’re stuck with.

Scorpio sun/rising

Pisces is the sign that overlooks your 5th house of friendships, dating, and creativity. During Pisces season you’re more focused on the finer things in life, indulging. The only thing stopping you from going over the top is the lockdown regulations. There is a limitlessness when it comes to your connections to your inner circle. There is always room for more people in your clique and you have a very open approach to making new friends. You should, however, be careful of being influenced or swayed by the people you’re dating. Keep your skepticism strong. Scorpios have an artistic side, or at least an ability to be fearless when it comes to expressing themselves.

Sagittarius sun/rising

Pisces is the part of your chart that overlooks your 4th house of home, domestic life, and family. During Pisces season you’re going to be more focused on these private affairs. I once wrote that Sagittarius is a sign that travels, that makes itself at home anywhere, because its roots are planted in something universal. That’s not to say that you are immune to homesickness, we’re all human. There is simply an ability to make your home in your beliefs, and to have comfort in knowing that you remain connected to your roots no matter how distant they are.

Capricorn sun/rising

Pisces is the part of your chart that overlooks your 3rd house of communication, commuting, and neighborhood. This also is the house where the moon finds its joy, and is a pretty spiritual place associated with “goddess”. Your close friends, the people that you see on a day-to-day basis like your roommates, your neighbors, and colleagues, are people that are coming into focus during Pisces season. Capricorn has a way of making grand, sweeping claims that simply cannot be challenged. This also is where their great sense of humor comes from, or at least they think the dad jokes are funny.

Aquarius sun/rising

Pisces is the part of your chart that overlooks your 2nd house of personal resources, finances, and possessions. Pisces season brings boring financial matters into focus as you get a clear look at what you have to give. Aquarius is a pretty moralistic sign, and you are likely to have fallen prey to the idea that you can vote with your dollar (ahk-shually it’s on us to hold larger stakeholders accountable to take meaningful action). Nonprofit organizations appeal to some Aquariuses just as finding alternative ways to paying for things does. Immaterial currency, finding a way for everyone to have what they need, an Aquarius is going to discover it someday, we hope.

My weekly horoscopes are up. This week was really one of the biggest weeks of the year, since Saturn/Uranus squared. I also did some astro film pairings for Curzon Cinemas’ blog for V-Day. Not all of them are my personal recommendations, but some of them are. I have availability for consultations, too, by the way. You can email me if the times don’t suit you.