what don't you understand about astrology?

how does it work?

I asked the Internet what they don’t understand about astrology. Many had the same unanswerable questions that I have. Astrology and how it functions is a mystery, which requires a little faith and humility to practice. I wish I could provide a scientific rationale, but I will never have one that satisfies. I will never be able to tell you “how it works,” so I won’t set out to answer broader, existential questions (at least not immediately). Astrology is not a belief, but a practice. “It’s not something to believe in, it’s something to enjoy,” as Annabel Gat once put it. It’s something to witness and experience. To fully appreciate astrology, we have to accept that there is something unexplainable at play— something that has yet to be quantified and explained by our current scientific method. 

A very beautiful European astrologer once said at an ISAR workshop in Portugal, “Astrologers are from the future,” or something like that. We tell time in a non-linear way. Time is a flat circle because we literally revolve around the sun. That is how time is measured. Planetary motion illustrates the eternal return. And astrology illustrates planetary motion. Astrology is a way of drawing connections between patterns in human behavior and history with cosmic alignments. Astrology does not cause, but reflect events. History repeats itself. Jung was an astrologer. I don’t know what else I have to say to beg people to respect astrology, because I still think everyone deserves to have fun and be trashy sometimes. While it’s hard to wrap our minds around how it works, I can’t help but notice that it does. Not everything has to be scientific to be practiced. Many things, if not most things, are not a science and the majority of us still respect them (i.e. the stock market, psychology, politics).

When I asked my followers about what we want to learn more about, there were questions about advanced, technical things that I have yet to find an answer to, and that I hope to use this form to explore and teach. There were also questions that I can answer with no reference but my brain. Topics including:

  • Zodiacal Releasing

  • The houses

  • Progressions

  • Degrees

  • Visualizing the chart outside of the 2D form

  • The angles in a chart

  • The importance of birth time

  • The placements of the planets & nodes

  • Transits, including that of the moon

If I spoke on all of these questions I would have three manuscripts. I’m not saying that I can’t. Of course I can point anyone towards a book or podcast about any one of the above topics. I picture the future of this newsletter being partially educational, about basic astrology things, and also I want to make stuff that doesn’t exist yet.

I will share graphics and visuals to help conceptualize what a 2-d natal chart looks like in a 3-d world. I will break down all of the different house systems (and present that in a lecture). I will discuss topical things, like current transits and maybe even reflections on what’s happening in the mundane world… Mundane astrology is the astrology of events and politics. My target audience is literally everyone for now… I want to make this fun and accessible for people who know nothing about astrology, as well as practicing astrologers.

That being said: here’s a link to my weekly horoscope for this week, beginning Monday, January 25 and ending Sunday, January 31. This week there has been a sun/Uranus square, and we are leading up to a Venus/Pluto conjunction, a full moon in Leo, and Mercury retrograde. Everyone with eyes knows what a full moon is, and most people who are into astrology has experienced the inconveniences of Mercury retrograde. My teacher and colleague Annabel Gat has some great thoughts on the full moon in Leo in her new podcast, which you should check out.

In my next email I will be discussing this upcoming Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, which begins on Saturday. Not only will I define what Mercury retrograde even means, I will also get into the meaning of the Mercury retrograde shadow periods, which happen before and after the retrograde period. Then I will explain key dates for this Mercury retrograde in Aquarius, what to expect, and some wobbly predictions. I also found Ryan Trecartin’s birth time, and want to do something for Valentine’s day.

This isn’t just an ordinary newsletter, it’s a Substack. Basically it’s a newsletter that you can pay for. I am going to have some paid content, and some free content. I intend on sending emails out twice weekly, one for free subscribers and one for people with paid subscriptions. You can always reply to these emails, or comment on the website, too. Hopefully this goes to your inbox and not the spam folder. Until then.