Mrs. Spears-Hilton

Britney Spears & Paris Hilton's astrological compatibility

The ethics of reading a public figure’s birth chart without explicit consent is contested, so if this is invasive, I apologize. Delineating natal charts without express consent breaks the rules of ISAR’s ethics guide. It’s tricky, though, because since these two have had their lives totally invaded by the paparazzi, it’s painfully difficult to define public domain. I will try to keep things hypothetical and light, only using public knowledge to support my fictional vision.

I just really want Britney Spears and Paris Hilton to get married and am using astrology to see if it’s possible. I’m here to satisfy my own agenda, and that is to see them join forces, preferably in holy matrimony. I will wish for it every chance I get. With every birthday candle I blow out, with every wishbone I break, and with every eyelash I catch, I will wish for Mrs. Spears-Hilton, and I hope you do too.

Paris Hilton’s birth time is uncertain, although argued to be 2:30 AM for some reason. I believe some astrologers assumed it because she’s a party girl and wanted to put Neptune on the ascendant, which I personally resent. Ms.Hilton was born the day of a Mercury cazimi, much like today, with Mercury retrograde meeting the sun in Aquarius. The sun and Mercury were at the same degree at some point on Feb 18, 1981, so her birth was big news.

Leo is definitely Hilton’s moon sign, with Aquarius as her sun sign. She was born just before a full moon in Virgo at 0º. She has a 29º sun, which is something astrologers note as a critical degree. Since we don’t have her birth time, I just put the degree of her ascendant as her sun sign, and the houses are to follow. This is how sun sign horoscopes are written, essentially. The ascendant is really important though, and without a birth time we can’t calculate it.

For Ms. Spears, her birth time is less contested. The Rodden rating is an A. The Rodden rating system is a way that astrologers grade the birth times of public figures, AA being the most accurate.

Spears is a Libra rising, which makes sense. Her face is symmetrical. When the rising sign is ruled by Venus it usually denotes a physically beautiful person. In a day chart, Venus is the most positive planet, and that is the ruler of Libra, her ascendant, which describes physical features.

Like Hilton, Spears also has a sun/Mercury chart, but instead of being in the heart of the sun, her natal Mercury is under the sun’s rays, which definitely tracks with the cryptic messages she’s been rumored to post. Mercury being within 10º of the sun means that it’s not visible. It corresponds with a hidden message, something spoken in private. Once Mercury gets to the same degree as the sun, however, it is thought that this is when a message is realized or exposed. When she was 8 years old, her progressed Mercury met with her natal sun at 10º Sagittarius, which was when she traveled to Atlanta to audition for the Mickey Mouse club, according to her Wikipedia page. I think 1:30 AM is a pretty accurate birth time for Spears. Mercury rules her 9th house of travel and 12th house of self undoing and public service.

Could the sun/Mercury alignment in both of their natal charts correspond with Hilton and Spears being constantly featured in the press? In my horoscopes I usually write “look out for interesting news” whenever Mercury mets with the sun, so, in a person, does that mean that they essentially are the news? These blondes were the reason why the paps put food on the table every night.

Have you watched Framing Britney Spears yet? I’d love to hear some critical thoughts on it. I have a lot to say about Spears’ chart, not only because it’s timed, but because I feel like I understand so much after the documentary. It speaks volumes that it’s posted on her own Youtube channel and streaming free. I hope it helps her win her court case and change the laws surrounding conservatorship in the United States.

In the documentary, one of her friends states that after the birth of her second child and the divorce which followed two months later, Spears suffered from postpartum depression (on top of grieving her marriage). This was when they were featured in the news together. She was going out to blow off steam in an especially difficult time in her life, and this was when the media made the most money off of her suffering.

There are rumors that Paris Hilton is a lesbian, which does not surprise me. Only a terrifyingly high femme lesbian could be that far into becoming a parody of herself. She owns her camp in a way that is autonomous and obviously leaning in one direction on the Kinsey scale. Apart from the two tabloid headlines that suggest she’s had relationships with women, her sexuality is not public.1 Spears, on the other hand has made out with Madonna on national television, while dressed as a lesbian bride, nonetheless.

There are a few different ways to go about reading the synastry between two charts. First, you can overlay the two charts. I put Paris Hilton’s chart in charge of the house cusps, since her rising sign is not really accurate, I have the chart starting at the degree of Hilton’s sun, 29º Aquarius. Ignore the As/Ds/Ic/Mc in her chart— her birth time has a C Rodden rating, so the angles are not reliable. The bi-wheel (lol) helps us to visualize how the two charts interact with each other. I first check angles to see what’s up.

Hilton’s exalted Saturn in Libra, conjunct Jupiter, falls on Spears’ rising sign, separated by 6º. My fantasy of Paris Hilton’s commitment to Britney Spears (in holy matrimony???) is not far off. Please note how Paris Hilton was born during the last great conjunction in an air sign, which everyone was saying hasn’t happened for 600 years or something like that. Please stop believing everything you read online.

Spears’ ascendant falls in Hilton’s solar 8th equal house of shared finances. These two would clearly be able to merge assets in a way that is diplomatic, and legally sound. If we put the degree of Hilton’s ascendant at 0 Aquarius, making it whole solar houses, then Spears’ rising sign falls in Hilton’s solar 9th house of distant travel, meaning that they could enjoy the jet setting life together. 

It is argued that Paris Hilton is a Sagittarius rising, and in her documentary she’s traveling more than she is at home in LA. If her 2:30 AM birth time is remotely accurate, then her rising sign is the same as Spears’ sun sign: Sagittarius. This can delineate attraction. Paris Hilton is possibly someone who Spears can relate to and finds beautiful. If she was Sag rising, then the two could use their Neptune in Sagittarius powers to fool the public into whatever they wanted to spin. Their PR powers would be unreal. They did get a lot of attention for their party days. Neptune denotes fantasies and substances. 

Spears’ moon in Aquarius is on Paris Hilton’s south node by degree. They have lived a past life together, literally. Spears is likely someone that Hilton can find comfort in, even if it’s a comfort that she can outgrow, she can always regress to it in order to recharge or find shelter.

Since Spears is an Aquarius moon and Hilton an Aquarius sun, Hilton gives Spears what she needs in order to feel like her emotions are valid and understood. Hilton illuminates Spears’ hidden world. Which is exactly what she did in Framing Britney Spears. Hilton’s documentary was also about her struggles with mental health as a result of being in the public eye, and I think her strength to address this publicly bodes well for Britney Spears’ story.

Spears’ Aquarius moon is also conjunct Hilton’s Aquarius Venus. This is in the cookbooks as a great aspect for romantic synastry. Venus and the moon aligning is like the most girly aspect that I can think of. Their relationship embodies girl power and I want it to last forever. I think it will.

Like Spears, Hilton also has a natal Venus/South node conjunction. She can also find that relationships are a place where she regresses or goes back to the ways that she knows are safe and comfortable. What better way to regress than to marry your old friend. This of course is if we’re looking to Venus as the general significator of relationships.

By sign, Hilton’s moon in Leo is trine Spears’ sun in Sagittarius. Spears’ sun in Sagittarius makes a sign-based sextile to Hilton’s sun in Aquarius. They get along great, as far as I can tell. They’re both generous. Spears is inspired by Hilton’s pursuits to save the animals. They’re natural collaborators.

Spears’ sun and Mercury make an overcoming square to Hilton’s Mars, which is combust or under the sun’s rays. A square is just something happening. Without squares, nothing would happen. Since Spears’ sun/Mercury are in a superior position to Hilton’s Mars, it is Spears that inspires Hilton to act. Spears can rouse Hilton to take secret action. They could get into some little spats, of course, if Spears didn’t understand Hilton’s Aquarius cool logic.

They have a lot of harmonious compatibility that suggests that they can easily forgive and forget whatever misunderstandings arise. Hilton’s natal Mercury is retrograde, so she has a funny way of self-expression, and her rationale can easily be misinterpreted. In her documentary she was talking about how hard it is for her to be herself when there are cameras around, and how she always performs “Paris Hilton” and never shows her real thoughts. This makes me think that she might not have been born at the exact conjunction and rather have a pretty combust Mercury. Spears would get Hilton to talk and express more, and compel Paris to do something! Can this be the relationship that pulls Paris Hilton out of the closet?

There are other methods of using charts to speculate romantic compatibility. There is a composite chart, which uses the midpoints between two people’s birthdays to come up with a new chart, which is said to represent their relationship. In the 80’s an astrologer came up with a new way of drawing compatibility charts called the Davison method. This not only finds the midpoint between birth times, but also finds the midpoint between latitude and longitude of two people! This of course can only be used once we finally have Paris Hilton’s birth time, if she’s not offended by my fantasy. While I do want them to be the greatest celebrity couple of all time and rock the world with their love, I also admire their very real, powerful friendship. Bless it.

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