Total lunar eclipse + gemini szn
Mercury retrograde begins. Jupiter enters Aries for the first time in 12 years.
Mary, Catholicism's goddess-head, is given extra praise and worship during the month of May, the zodiacal month of the moon’s exaltation.
The moon wanes from Taurus to Leo, Venus enters Aries, a rare Jupiter-Pluto alignment, and surprises from Uranus!
an art student emailed me asking questions for their photography project
spoiler alert: she's talking about God again
when my friend asked me to use astrology to find her purse, I took the opportunity to draw a horary chart
every/one is a sun
There's a difference.
here's how it went
Let's not get too ahead of ourselves.
It's Aquarius season (winter)Listen to the podcast now (20 min) | What do mermaids have to do with Aquarius?